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Complete Dental Services


Dr. Louis Russell, Jr offers a comprehensive range of dental services. His Tomball, TX, practice is designed to be your family's source for general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments.

Preventative Care

Taking proper care of one's teeth and their supporting tissue and bone is what preventative care is all about. The process involves periodic teeth cleanings, x-rays, and exams. Cleanings are typically done every 6 months and exams and x-rays are done once every year. Patients with various levels of periodontal (gum) disease will require more frequent preventative care. Children can benefit from a preventative therapy know as sealants. A tooth colored sealant is bonded to the chewing surface of the teeth to prevent tooth decay. With proper preventative care, some dental problems can be detected early and restored with less invasive and expensive treatment.

Your smile is important to us.


Restorative Care

When dental problems or pain occur, restoration of the teeth can require various treatment techniques:



An option to restore teeth due to damage from tooth decay or trauma. A variety of dental materials can be used to restore the tooth to a healthy state and function. Some examples include tooth-colored fillings and various glass ionomer materials. Filling materials do have limitations, and in some cases, crowns may be needed.

Dr. Russell and his staff are committed to offering the very best dental services for you and your entire family.


When a filling is failing due to decay or fracture, a crown may be needed. The severity of the problem can dictate whether a crown or new filling will restore proper health and function.


If patients have areas where permanent teeth are missing, a permanent bridge can be an option. The technique uses adjacent teeth to permanently anchor a bridge. In simple terms, a bridge is several crowns connected together to “bridge” the space between teeth. 


A treatment option where a bridge will not work or is an area that requires a more conservative approach. Implants are specialized titanium posts with a special coating that when placed in bone will help the implant integrate. Crowns, bridges, and even dentures can be placed over implants to help restore the mouth to proper health and function. Implants have certain requirements in order to be successful. Not everyone is a perfect candidate.


When patients are missing all of their dentition, a full removable denture is an option. Implants can sometimes be used to help stabilize and retain a denture during normal function. When patients have only a few remaining teeth, partials replace the teeth that are missing. Proper bone and teeth support is important for dentures and partials to be successful.

Root Canal/Extractions

Saving teeth from failure is every dentist's goal. In the case of tooth pain, root canal treatment may be necessary. If the nerve and blood supplying the tooth are compromised from decay, fracture or other causes, saving that tooth becomes a priority. However, some teeth can be so badly damaged that extraction is required. Root canal therapy is a process that removes the dying nerve and blood supply, eliminating pain and saving the tooth.

Scaling and Root Planing

Gum disease can be caused by poor preventative care, smoking, and family history. Even certain medication can make a patient more susceptible to gum disease. Treatment first requires a sound examination and proper x-rays. Once the severity of the disease is diagnosed, scaling and root planing may be preformed. This technique involves the use of local anesthetic with a deep cleaning of the teeth, tissues and root surfaces. Gum disease can cause a pocket between the tooth and gums, which becomes deeper and infected over time. Scaling and root planing removes the bacteria and irritants from the pocket to allow the tissue to heal properly. If you notice bleeding gums or gums that appear to be receding from the tooth, bad breath, or tender gums, you need to be evaluated.


Cosmetic dentistry has come to involve various treatment options, all of which are designed to give the patient a beautiful and brighter smile.

  • Veneers: A thin layer of porcelain in a variety of shades that is placed over teeth to give a person the appearance of straight bright teeth.
  • Dental Bonding: Uses a layer of tooth-colored filling to achieve an effect similar to porcelain veneers.
  • Recontouring: In some cases simply reshaping the teeth like the edges or ends can give a dramatic result without the placement of veneers or bonding. In some cases, a combination of veneers, bonding and recontouring is recommended.

MTM Aligners

Virtually undetectable and nearly invisible aligners are customized to comfortably move your teeth into proper position. The clear, lightweight, and clear mouthpieces are specifically designed to address issues such as crowding and gaps. Our patients enjoy the convenience of being able to remove them while eating, and also like the clear, conspicuous look of the aligners. This brilliant, advanced dental treatment has helped many of our patients achieve straighter, more balanced smiles, without having to be treated with traditional metal braces. 

TMJ Therapy

Many patients suffer from a disease process called TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) disorder. The results of which are facial pain or swelling, pain in the joint itself, ear pain, headache, neck pain, and pain when opening or closing the jaws. TMJ treatment includes appliances such as night guards and splints. 


People notice several things about you when you first meet them. One is your smile. Having a beautiful bright smile gives you more self-confidence and leaves an impression on all those you meet. Very few people are born with a naturally beautiful smile. Cosmetic veneers, bonding and recontouring are one way to achieve a beautiful smile. Another technique is called whitening. It provides safe, effective, and lasting whitening results with little or no sensitivity. Some patients experience slight sensitivity for a small period of time, but this quickly leaves and a beautiful smile remains. Periodic touch-up of 1-2 times a year keeps your smile bright. Without maintenance, your teeth still will not darken back to the original color.

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Dr. Russell and his staff are committed to offering the very best dental services for you and your entire family. To set up a consultation, please contact us online, or give us a call at (281) 351-5458.

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