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Root Canal Therapy Can Save Infected Teeth


If you are suffering from dental pain and sensitivity, it may indicate an infection. In addition to causing significant discomfort, dental infection can compromise your dental nerves and blood supply, eventually leading to the complete destruction of your tooth. Typically, the only way to save an infected tooth is through root canal therapy. At Russell Family Dentistry in Tomball, TXDr. Louis Russell uses advanced technology to perform this treatment and restore your tooth with a custom dental crown in a single appointment. With Dr. Russell’s gentle techniques, the treatment can involve minimal discomfort.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

A dental infection develops when bacteria move from the top layers of your tooth, comprised of hard dental tissue, to the soft inner pulp, which houses nerve endings and blood vessels. Once an infection develops, the microbes can spread through your root canals, traveling along your nerves. As a result of this spreading infection, you could suffer from several different symptoms, such as:

  • A persistent toothache
  • Pain when you bite down or in response to heat or cold
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Sores on your gums (abscesses)
  • Internal discoloration of your tooth

Occasionally, root canal therapy may be appropriate for a cracked tooth. However, to qualify, the crack should not extend below the gum line.

Often, we use our advanced technology to provide same-day dental crowns, allowing you to undergo root canal therapy and leave our office with a fully restored tooth in a single appointment. 

What Happens during Root Canal Therapy?

Before a root canal, Dr. Russell will isolate your tooth and administer local anesthesia. Once the area is completely numb, Dr. Russell will gently alter your tooth to access the infection within. He will remove all damaged tissue and reshape the central chamber, along with the root canal using precise, careful techniques. To ensure all infection has been removed, he will sterilize the tooth before placing gutta-percha, a soft, rubber-like filling. With his gentle care, root canal therapy will involve no more discomfort than receiving a dental filling. 

Once your tooth has been disinfected and prepared, Dr. Russell will also sculpt the outside of your tooth, making room for a dental crown. Often, we use our advanced technology to provide same-day dental crowns, allowing you to undergo root canal therapy and leave our office with a fully restored tooth in a single appointment. If you receive a traditional restoration, it will typically take two weeks to create your crown. When your restoration is ready, Dr. Russell will make sure it fits correctly and securely attach it to your tooth. You may have some slight sensitivity for a few days, but you will leave your appointment with almost complete dental function. As soon as the mild inflammation subsides, you will be able to bite and chew normally.

Root canal therapy can remove harmful infection to protect your smile and oral health.


Why Perform a Root Canal over Another Restorative Procedure?

Because of the sometimes extensive nature of root canal therapy, many patients wonder if it is necessary. Would it not be easier and more convenient simply to extract the tooth? In reality, extraction is a far more lengthy process when you consider the need for subsequent restorative care. After removing your tooth, Dr. Russell would need to replace it, either with a bridge or with a dental implant. Thus, your treatment would be more costly, and you would require multiple trips to the office. In addition, although we offer very durable restorations, retaining your natural tooth can preserve your oral health and cause the least impact. In a single appointment, root canal therapy can save your tooth and prevent further infection.

Relieve Dental Pain

If you are suffering from the symptoms of a dental infection, we can quickly eliminate discomfort and restore your oral health. Contact Russell Family Dentistry online today or call (281) 351-5458 to book an appointment.

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