Same-Day Crowns - CEREC

Same-Day Crowns - CEREC

CEREC same-day crowns are a revolutionary dental restoration option that eliminates the need for multiple visits and temporary crowns. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and it's cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology that allows dentists to create custom-fitted ceramic crowns in just one appointment.

CEREC Same-day Crowns Procedure

Getting CEREC same-day crowns is a convenient and efficient process that eliminates the need for multiple dental appointments. Unlike traditional crown procedures, which require several visits to the dentist over a span of weeks, CEREC crowns can be completed in just one appointment.

First, your dentist will examine your teeth and determine if you are a suitable candidate for CEREC crowns. If so, they will proceed with the treatment by preparing your tooth to receive the crown. This involves removing any decay or damaged portions of the tooth and shaping it to ensure proper fit and alignment.

Next, digital impressions of your prepared tooth will be taken using advanced CAD/CAM technology. These precise 3D images are then used to design your custom-made crown right in the dental office. The software allows your dentist to create a restoration that perfectly fits your individual needs.

Once the crown design is finalized, it is sent to an on-site milling machine, where a block of high-quality ceramic material is sculpted into shape within minutes. After ensuring its color matches your natural teeth, any final adjustments can be made before permanently bonding the crown onto your prepared tooth.

Thanks to modern technology and skilled dentists trained in CEREC techniques, patients can enjoy restored smiles without lengthy waiting periods or temporary restorations. With CEREC same-day crowns, you can save time while achieving beautiful and long-lasting results!

Advantages of CEREC crowns

  • One of the major advantages of CEREC crowns is their convenience. Unlike traditional crowns that require multiple visits to the dentist, CEREC crowns can be designed and fabricated in just one appointment. This means no need for temporary crowns or waiting for weeks to get your permanent crown.
  • Another advantage is that CEREC crowns are made from high-quality ceramic material, which closely resembles natural tooth enamel in terms of color and texture. This makes them indistinguishable from your other teeth, giving you a beautiful and seamless smile.
  • Accuracy and Precision: CEREC technology also allows for precise and accurate fitting of the crown. The digital scanning technology used ensures an exact fit, eliminating any discomfort or irritation that can occur with ill-fitting traditional crowns.
  • In addition, CEREC crowns are highly durable and long-lasting. They are milled from a single block of ceramic material, making them strong and resistant to wear over time.
  • No Need for Messy Impressions: Furthermore, because the entire process is done in the office, there is no need for messy impressions or relying on external dental laboratories. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors or delays in getting your crown.


CEREC same-day crowns are a revolutionary dental treatment that allows patients to receive a custom-made crown in just one appointment. The procedure is quick, efficient, and delivers excellent results.

If you're looking for an efficient solution to restore damaged or decayed teeth quickly without compromising on quality or appearance - look no further than CEREC same-day crowns! With their advanced technology and benefits, such as time-saving convenience and enhanced aesthetics, these modern dental restorations are changing smiles one day at a time.

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