5 Benefits of Family Dentistry

Posted by Louis Russell, Jr., DDS Aug 01,2022

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Each of your family members is unique and has their own oral health needs. There’s no way one dentist can provide care for them all, right? Wrong.

Dr. Louis Russell Jr., an experienced dentist and father of two, has dedicated his practice to providing families with convenient access to advanced treatments. Here, we highlight just a few of the reasons why we think family dentistry is the best option for you.

1. Dental care becomes a family affair

Children love to watch and learn from their parents. That’s why you often have to be careful what you say around them. 

The same is true for building healthy oral hygiene habits. If your kids see you brush and floss regularly, chances are they will, too. If you make going to the dentist a family event, your children are more likely to be comfortable at the dentist and keep seeing us after they’ve grown up. 

2. Tracking your dental history is easy

It’s not easy to track your family’s dental history if you’re seeing different dentists. Having everyone’s information under one roof makes it much easier. 

3. You build a strong relationship with your dentist

When you begin seeing a family dentist, you’re really laying the foundation for a lifetime of dedicated care. At Russell Family Dentistry, we make it a point to learn your family members’ names, get to know the details of their oral health care, and stay on top of their concerns. You simply won’t find that level of care if each family member sees a different provider. 

4. Family dentists can do it all 

Dr. Russell isn’t just a pediatric dentist, nor is he only trained in adult dentistry. Dr. Russell provides a wide range of treatments for a wide range of clients. He can seal your toddler's molars one moment and extract your teen’s wisdom teeth and treat your spouse for sleep apnea the next. He also offers preventive treatments, dental cleanings, and cosmetic treatments, such as veneers and teeth whitening. 

5. Your dental care is streamlined

Soccer practices, dance recitals, and play dates, oh my! Can you imagine trying to coordinate a dentist appointment for each member of your family? With family dentistry, you don’t. 

You can make one appointment for your whole clan and have everyone get treatment at the same time with a dentist they’re familiar with — no need to shuffle your little ones from clinic to clinic. 

Ready to get your family started on a path toward better oral health? We’d love to talk with you. Call or click to schedule an appointment at our Tomball, Texas, office today.

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