Are Clear Aligners a Good Choice For Children?

Posted by Louis Russell, Jr., DDS Jan 11,2022

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When your child is at the point of needed orthodontic care for their teeth, there’s a lot to think about. Should you invest in braces, or would clear aligners be a better choice? It’s a pretty big decision, and one you probably don’t want to make alone.

At Russell Family Dentistry, our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you and your child with any dental issues that may arise. Leading our team is Dr. Louis Russell, Jr., an expert in both cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry. He helps you and your child decide which type of orthodontic appliance is right for them.

How do clear aligners work?

Just like braces, clear aligners are a way for Dr. Russell to help straighten your child’s teeth to give them a flawless and healthy smile. However, clear aligners work very differently than braces. 

A custom mold is made of your child’s teeth, and the clear aligners are designed in stages. Starting with the first set of aligners, they’re changed out every few weeks, gently moving your child’s teeth into their proper position.

The aligners need to be worn most of the day and night; they should only be removed to eat and to brush and floss. As long as they’re used properly, clear aligners are able to give your child an amazing, healthy smile.

The advantages of clear aligners

Clear aligners have a lot of advantages over traditional appliances, such as braces. For example, because they’re clear and fit over your teeth, they’re hard to see. This boosts the confidence of not only children, but adults as well. 

However, for kids, there are a number of advantages that clear aligners have over other treatments. While every child is different, these are the main benefits of clear aligners to treat your child’s teeth issues:

Less visits to the dentist

Unlike braces that only move your teeth when your child comes in for a wire change, clear aligners don’t require a trip to do the same. Braces often require one or two appointments per month to adjust the wires.

Clear aligners, on the other hand, can be changed in the convenience of your home. Your child is likely busy with schoolwork and possibly sports, making it hard to fit multiple dentist appointments into their schedule. 

While they still need to come in from time to time to make sure the aligners are working, it’s much less frequent than with braces.

They work just as good as braces

Clear aligners are just as effective in treating a number of different dental issues. They can help treat gaps, overcrowding, overbites, and underbites, just like braces can. Even if your child has a severe dental issue, clear aligners can help.

No food restrictions

With braces, your child has to watch what they eat — meaning candy and sticky sweets are off the table. However, with clear aligners, they can take them out to eat, meaning no restrictions. This is also true, because the clear aligners can also be removed to brush, meaning less debris left in their teeth.

Less risk of cavities

Braces can cause food to become trapped in your child’s teeth, presenting a higher risk of decay and cavities. With clear aligners, that risk is almost nonexistent, because they’re removed to eat and brush their teeth. This not only allows for good oral hygiene, but for the aligners to be cleaned as well. 

Clear aligners are also very convenient, especially if your child is involved in sports. They’re able to be removed to eat and when brushing their teeth. Clear aligners aren’t for every child, but they offer a new and more convenient way to give your child a beautiful smile.

Should your child get clear aligners?

Ultimately, the choice of clear aligners or braces is up to you and Dr. Russell. If your child is old enough to understand how the clear aligners work, then it may be a better option over braces.

The same is true if you and your child live busy lives. The clear aligners offer the same treatment time as braces, with less hassle and less appointments. This is very attractive when you’re thinking of time.

Your child may also want clear aligners because they offer more invisibility than braces. The clear aligners are basically not able to be seen, where even clear braces show the brackets and wires. This gives your child the boost of confidence they need while straightening their teeth.

If your child is in need of braces or clear aligners to help with their smile, don’t hesitate to contact our office in Tomball, Texas, today. You can either call us at 281-603-1911, or you may book an appointment online using our scheduling tool.

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