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Can My Infected Tooth Be Saved?

Can My Infected Tooth Be Saved?

When your tooth starts to hurt, panic inevitably follows. Of all the questions swirling in your head, two jump to the top of the list: “How do I stop the pain?” and “Can my tooth be saved?” 

Fortunately, Louis A. Russell Jr., DDS, and our team at Russell Family Dentistry in Tomball, Texas, are here to put your mind at ease. An infected tooth can indeed be saved. Here’s how. 

What causes an infection

Though your teeth are strong, they’re still vulnerable. An infection in your tooth can develop in a few different ways. One of the most common causes of infection is a cavity. 

These occur when a combination of poor dental hygiene, poor diet, and a buildup of bacteria creates small holes in your tooth’s enamel and leaves the inner tissues of your tooth exposed.

Infections can also creep in if your tooth is chipped or cracked. 

Once your tooth becomes infected, the harmful microbes can spread through the root canals in your tooth and travel along the nerve endings. Signs that the infection has spread include:

Infections can also cause your tooth to change color. 

How we treat an infection

Often, the only way to save an infected tooth is with a root canal procedure. This is a routine dental procedure during which Dr. Russell carefully removes the infection and decay from within your tooth and reshapes the central chamber. 

Then he sterilizes your tooth and fills it with a soft, rubber-like filling. Finally, he prepares your tooth for a dental crown to permanently seal your tooth against further infection. 

A traditional crown restoration typically requires two weeks to create and properly fit onto your newly cleaned disinfected tooth. But at Russell Family Dentistry, we have advanced technology that allows us to create a crown the same day we perform your root canal.

Debunking root canal myths

Root canals have gained a bad reputation. The sound of the drill is often exaggerated in sitcoms and movies. We’re here to tell you that undergoing a root canal is not as painful as you’ve heard. 

Dr. Russell is gentle, accurate, and efficient. He takes great care to ensure you're completely comfortable. He administers local anesthesia before he begins working. 

You may feel numb and sore following your procedure, but these side effects are mild and subside quickly with the help of conservative pain management methods. 

Why you shouldn’t ignore an infection

You might think you can push past the pain and other symptoms, but an infected tooth isn’t something you should leave to its own devices. Without treatment, the infection can spread beyond your tooth and into other areas of your body and cause complications, such as:

If you suspect you have an infected tooth, don’t wait another day to request an appointment with Dr. Russell. Call our friendly staff today or use our online scheduling tool.

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