Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Posted by Louis Russell, Jr., DDS Jul 12,2021

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Whether you have a few crooked teeth, gaps or crowding, or an over- or under-bite, you might wonder about getting your teeth straightened. You should know that straighter teeth aren’t just a cosmetic improvement. Straighter teeth can also stay healthier for longer, as well.

At Russell Family Dentistry of Tomball, Texas, our team offers a full range of preventive and cosmetic dental services. With our clear aligners, you can achieve straighter teeth without the hassle, visibility, and discomfort of traditional orthodontia.

Dr. Louis Russell, Jr. can help you get started on your journey to transformed teeth. With clear aligners, you start to see real results within as little as six weeks, and may only need 10-12 months for the full process to be complete.

So, why straighten your teeth? A better question might be, why not? Here are just a few of the facts that  Dr. Russell wants his new and existing patients to understand about all the health benefits of going ahead and starting on getting your smile straightened out this summer.

Better bite, more even pressure

Your teeth function as an essential part of your digestive system. Your teeth need to be able to chew and break down your food evenly and regularly. If you have irregularities in your bite, both your dental health and your digestive capabilities can be affected.

If one area of your mouth doesn’t sufficiently break down food, you might notice issues lower down in your digestive system, related to your stomach or bowel. An uneven bite can also result in uneven muscle use around your jaw, leading to pain and even chronic headaches.

With straightened teeth, your bite and digestion function as intended, with better overall outcomes for your whole-body health and wellness.

Easier cleaning for longer wear

Buildups of food and debris in tight corners in your mouth create a hazardous environment for tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening your teeth can make keeping up with dental hygiene simpler and more effective,

When your teeth are evenly spaced and aligned, without crooked corners or tight turns, it’s a lot easier to keep your mouth clean and free from tooth decay and harmful bacteria. Particles of food and debris fall away from your teeth more easily with a simple post-meal rinse. 

And, brushing and flossing are easier tasks when you don’t have crowding or crooked teeth you need to pay extra attention to as part of your dental hygiene routine.

Boost your personal confidence

Feeling better about the appearance of your mouth can have health benefits, as well. When you feel your best, it’s often easier to look after your physical health, personal plans, and even your future goals. When it comes to long-term whole-body health, there’s no place too small to start, including finally straightening and evening out your smile.

To learn more about your options for teeth straightening at Russell Family Dentistry, and to find out if you could be a good candidate for teeth straightening with clear aligners, get in touch with Dr. Russell right away. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone, or book online now.

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