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When Is Dental Bonding the Right Choice?

When Is Dental Bonding the Right Choice?

When you’re unhappy with your smile, it’s easy to feel a bit deflated. That’s where dental bonding comes in. This non-invasive treatment can address a range of common complaints without the hassle of braces or surgery.

At Russell Family Dentistry in Tomball, TexasDr. Louis Russell Jr. and our team are pleased to provide dental bonding for a smile you can feel confident about.

Read on to learn more about this treatment, including signs it’s a smart choice for you.

Dental bonding basics

Dental bonding uses a putty-like composite resin to address minor imperfections on your teeth. During treatment, Dr. Russell applies a thin layer of tooth-colored resin to the treatment area. Next, he directs a special light toward the material to harden it. 

Issues we can address with dental bonding include:

We may also recommend dental bonding to repair minor decay, protect an exposed root, or stabilize a loose tooth. 

Reasons to choose dental bonding

Dental bonding is a versatile and non-invasive treatment. So if you’re looking for smile improvements that don’t involve pain or lengthy visits in the dental chair, it could be a good choice. 

Dental bonding is also a good option if your complaints are relatively minor. Many people also appreciate the fact that dental bonding is easier on the bank compared to other cosmetic treatments.

If you have more extensive changes on your wishlist, you may want to choose dental bonding as part of a smile makeover. Other treatments we may suggest, along with bonding, may include veneersdental crowns, or teeth whitening.

Making the most of your dental bonding

Dental bonding usually lasts for a few years or as long as a decade. To make the most of your results, avoid biting into foods that can crack or chip your teeth. Meanwhile, try not to chew on pens or your nails. Opening containers with your teeth can chip your bonding, so don’t do it.

For longer-lasting whiteness, aim not to go overboard on drinks that may discolor your teeth, like wine, colas, black tea, and coffee.

Finally, take optimal care of your teeth by brushing at least twice per day and flossing once daily. And don’t miss your routine dental cleanings to help keep your teeth healthy and shiny — and spot any oral health issues before they worsen.

To learn more about dental bonding or get the treatment you desire, call Russell Family Dentistry or request an appointment through our website today.

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